I’m a musician and podcast producer. Song Exploder and The West Wing Weekly are my two current podcast projects. I make music under the name The One AM Radio and in the band Moors. I also compose music for film and television; most recently, I wrote the score for the 2018 Netflix series "Everything Sucks!"

I’ve been invited to speak about music, design, editing, and podcasts at places like the Google Design Conference, IDEO, Yale University, Etsy, KCRW’s Independent Producer Project, the Australian Broadcasting Company, and Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing, and Ideas.

I’m originally from Peabody, Massachusetts. I was an art major at Yale, with a focus on graphic design and photography. These days, I live in Los Angeles with a dog named Watson.

Here’s some other stuff:
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Twitter: @hrishihirway
Instagram: @hrishihirway

Drawing by Carlos Lerma

Drawing by Carlos Lerma