Song exploder

Where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. "In the world of beautifully produced podcasts, Song Exploder is the beacon." — The New York Times [Creator, Host, Executive Producer, Theme Composer]

The West Wing Weekly

An episode-by-episode discussion of The West Wing. I co-host the podcast with West Wing star Joshua Malina. Featuring interviews with the cast and crew from the series, as well as real-life politicians and White House staffers. [Co-Host, Creator, Producer]

City Soundtracks

City Soundtracks is Google's first original podcast. I hosted the show, inviting musicians to take listeners on a tour of their hometown and its music. I helped create the show for Google Play Music, in partnership with Pineapple Street Media and Imprint Projects. [Host, Consulting Producer]



Singer Shirley Manson interviews other musicians about key moments of artistic evolution in their career. A Mailchimp original podcast. [Executive Producer, Theme Composer]